Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Game 60 - at Canadiens

I know I'm on a big optimism kick here, and I'm not off any bandwagon, but even a great team can't win every game... and you've got to think things are stacking up against the Nucks tonight:

- last game of a long road trip
- downer after Saturday's emotional win
- excessive focus on the homecomings of Luongo/Burrows/Vigneault
- Canadiens looking to atone after recent horrorshow against Canucks
- TSN now calling Canucks "red hot"

In short, it's time to stub our collective toe.

Optimistic prediction: Canucks keep finding ways to win, even when they don't outplay the other guy. Montreal's goaltending lets them down again, and Canucks win an ugly one, 6-5.

Pessimistic prediction: Luongo is good but not great--and the rest of the team is just downright bad. Sundin is ice cold, Sedins are worse. Burrows tries his best but even a two goal outing from him can't staunch the bleeding. 5-2 loss to les Habitants.

As of 3:18 p.m. I am feeling pessimistic. Sorry boys, tonight's not our night.

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