Friday, March 27, 2009

Game 74 - at Avalanche

Well, last night was ugly: Flames lose 5 zip, which means we could have come within a sneeze of 1st in the NW, and the Nucks drop a stinker.

In years past, my alarm bells would have been ringing off the hook (mixed metaphor alert): poor effort, weak execution, sadsack special teams, all on the FIRST night of a B2B. Second night's got to be a bomb, especially given the apparently messed up travel schedule for the Nucks last night (if postgame chatter on the Team1040 was to be believed).

But this year the Emergency Optimism System has kicked in again. I think tonight the Nuckles will rebound with a much better effort. Look for big games from Sundin and Kesler, who were silent in St Loo. Demitra won't contribute, but it won't matter in a 4-1 thumping by the boys in blue. Okay, white, given it's a roadie, but "boys in blue" sounds a lot better.


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